Stimul Ink produces highly technological and modern equipment for poultry factories and farmes

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Outdoor equipment
Brooders, drinkers, feeders, boxes for transporting birds
Incubator blocks for professional poultry farms
Farm incubators
Incubators for farmers for 1000 and 4000 eggs
Industrial incubators
Industrial incubators Stimul-8IP and Stimul-16IP
Cellular equipment
Production of cages for poultry farming.

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We sell a large range of poultry equipment, provide excellent service, and perform turnkey services.

We understand that you need the best equipment. Therefore, we have hired professionals and provide a variety of turnkey services

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Stimul Inc is a Russian manufacturer of incubators

Hatching, cage and floor equipment for poultry farming.
Delivery in Russia and the CIS
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Help with hardware configuration
Repair and maintenance of equipment
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Production in 3 cities of the country